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a slogan used by politicians and corporations to get support for a war they will never fight in. Also used to sell bumper stickers, car magnets, all that shit. This slogan is said by people who have no inkling what it's like to serve in the Armed Forces.
Gina's car has a "support the troops" bumper sticker on it. It's there because it's the fashionable thing to have on a car these days.
by California Sun June 18, 2006
Officially, Milli Vanilli was a techno-dance singing duo consisting of Rob Pilatus of Germany and Fabrice Morvan of France. They released one album in late 1988, "Girl You Know is True". From that period up to early 1990 it spawned five Top 10 hits - the title track, the #1 "Don't Forget My Number", the #1 "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You", the #1 "Blame It On the Rain" and entering the new decade with "All or Nothing". In early 1990, they were caught lip-synching "Blame It On the Rain" live on TV during a music awards show. The previous year the tape skipped during a "concert" that also revealed the duo's lip-synching. Allegations flew. Later in the year the duo said they wanted to do some real singing on their next album. They revealed to a music employee that all they did for the record was pose for the album cover and have the project credited to them under the name "Milli Vanilli". The shit really hit the fan after that. The duo's album sold multi-platinum but was soon deleted. They had to return their Grammy for Best New Group, the first time that ever happened. Milli Vanilli was disgraced in what is possibly the biggest sham in music history. Still, they were used in a Pepsi TV ad the following year, lip-synching to an opera record. A year later, they released an album under their real names, supposedly the vocals were the duo's own. It sank like a stone in a pond. Pilatus commited suicide in 1998. Fabrice is still living. The term "Milli Vanilli" now is used to denote fraud and fakery.
Since that time other performers like Madonna, Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears have been caught lip-synching on stage. Not as much fuss has been made about any of that. Hmmmm. It's a damn shame that the Milli Vanilli story has come to what it is. Their first album has some really good songs on it, but they will never be released again and we probably never will hear them again because of the big scandal. There's some terrific music on it, it's just a shame that the wrong people got all the credit for it.
by California Sun November 12, 2007
a term used by critics to describe music that has one or more traits or characteristics of the music made by the Beatles. Since the Fab 4 are one of the most inspirational rock bands of all time, many people have used the term to describe almost anything.
Cheap Trick has often been described as a Beatlesque hard rock band. They rock.
Oasis on the other hand, are a bunch of Beatles clones wanna-bes. They suck.
by California Sun June 02, 2007
a Swedish Europop band that scored big hits in the 90s. Their debut album "The Sign" was the number one album for the year 1994 in America. The title track was also the biggest song of that year in the U.S.A. Compared to ABBA, the group consists of Joker, Buddha, Lyn Bergssen and Jenny Bergssen.
Wlliam: Wanna hear some Ace of Base?

Leonard: Yeah! I saw some of their videos on TV. Man, those chicks are HOT!
by California Sun December 22, 2006
a term used to describe a woman with long, sexy, elegant legs.
Uma Thurman, Courtney Love, Jerry Hall, Paris Hilton - they are all famous leggy women.

How much you wanna bet that for many guys the biggest reason Paris Hilton's CD sold as much as it did was the leggy pose she has on the cover?
by California Sun December 23, 2006
1. a man who makes conversation stop when he enters a room. He can cause great tension, violence and commotion when he walks in.

2. a great song from the band the Police. It's on their excellent album "Ghost in the Machine". Grace Jones does a really good cover version of this song, too.

3. a totally boss sci-fi thriller movie from 1993 starring Sylvester Stallone as a cop and Wesley Snipes as a criminal who both get frozen in time and "revived" in the mid-21st century in an extremely PC society where citizens can't drink, smoke, do dope, chew gum, eat meat, use salt, ingest sugar, fats or caffeine - in other words, no fun at dinner time. Virtual sex replaced the physical variety. Popular music is replaced by advertising jingles and swearing is prohibited by the Verbal Morality Act. WTF? Panned by critics, this movie is a whole lot of fun. Funny as hell. Sly and Wesley are great! Check it out. It's a total riotand a half. A blast.
1. Look out, here comes the Demolition Man!

2. ... I'm a walking disaster. I'm a Demolition Man... - THE POLICE

3. Metro Police Chief to Stallone cop: "What's with all this Demolition Man shit, anyway?"
by California Sun December 06, 2006
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