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4 definitions by Calico Kitsune

1) The hard-working folks entrusted with reviewing all submissions to Urban Dictionary. They're not perfect, but bless their hearts, they do a darn good job at the end of the day. We should all thank the editors by buying them beer and sex.

2) The dickholes who thought they were too good to publish your definition. Hopefully their skin will fall off.
Did the editors approve your submission yet?
by Calico Kitsune November 26, 2006
A Hidden Mist ninja from the Naruto anime. He is lightning fast and death with a senbon, but so beautiful that he's been mistaken for a girl. Zabuza is his guardian, teacher, and master, and Haku is loyal beyond measure to him.
Zabuza pretends not to care for Haku...but we know they're all over each other when the cameras look away.
by Calico Kitsune November 25, 2006
The sadly underrated pairing of Larxene and Zexion from Kingdom Hearts.
Larxion is my favorite Organization XIII pairing!
What the crap?
by Calico Kitsune November 25, 2006
1) The name of 80% of all anime characters.
2) The Japanese word for snow.
Fangirl 1: Yuki is my sex pig.

Fangirl 2: You mean the Yuki from Gravitation?

Fangirl 1: No, from Fruits Basket!

Fangirl 2: Oh, then you're a hole. Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is the hottest.

Fangirl 1: Your mother.
by Calico Kitsune November 25, 2006