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An event, task or an appearance of a person that should of already happened but has not happened yet and probably will not happen in the near future.
Abe: "What are you writing down?"
Cassandra: "My Ta-Now list."
Abe: "Your what list? What is a 'Ta-Now' list?"
Cassandra: "It's like a To-Do list but it's all of the things that I should of completed weeks or days ago but I have not completed them yet and probably will not get them done today or anytime soon. I'm a procrastinator ya' know!"

Bree: "When is Derek suppose to get here?"
Anna: "Ta-Now!"
Mailee: "Yeah! He was suppose to be here hours ago and still has not shown face and probably won't for a few more hours!"
by CaliciaB May 03, 2013

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