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3 definitions by CaliAmes

A town that's a suburban paradise located just outside of beautiful San Diego, California. With a population of around 48 thousand. The town's nickname is "The City in the country". Although it's not really in the country anymore. The town boasts beautiful parks and other great recreational areas, such as Lake Poway, and Blue Sky Reserve. The town has a great sense of "community" with lots of great community events. The southern part of the town is where your average middle class citizens live along with the low incomed people. The north part of the town is where rich people like CEO's and Major League Baseball players reside.
It's home to lead singer of Blink 182 Tom Delong. Baseball great Ted Williams grew up around Poway. Thus the name "Ted Williams Parkway".
by CaliAmes June 21, 2005
The most beautiful breed of dog in the world. The best breed there is PERIOD.

Known for it's sweet disposition, loyalty, and protectiveness.
The Collie comes in a variety of colors. Sable, Tri-color, Blue merle, and White.
Lassie was a collie.
by CaliAmes June 21, 2005
A town located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, in the desert. It's located in the coachella valley with beautiful Mt. San Jacinto as it's back drop. It's a play ground for the rich and famous, a green luxurious oasis in the desert. With numerous golf courses, pools, palm trees, great shopping, a beautiful downtown area with a star walk with quaint shops and fine dining.
Palm Springs is a green oasis in the desert.
by CaliAmes June 21, 2005