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a community college that is located in the Chicago land area. It is known as one of the largest Community Colleges in the Nation. While it is a quality community college the name has many stigmas attached to it with students in the communitys around it. For instance is is known as College Of Dreams. also known as UCLA University Closest to the Chicago land Area.
"hey Joe where are you in school at?"
"College of Dupage...(head down walking away)"
by Caldie May 02, 2008
Typically used in the Gang community. to initiate a new member they kick their ass for a pre determined amount of time.
"all little carlos has to do to be member is to survive the Jumping in"
by Caldie May 02, 2008
1. Not Giving a Fuck what your boss thinks
2. Great teacher

history of the word is based on the Teacher John Wander of Downers Grove North. His teaching style is not based on expectations of his boss but rather the expectations of his students.
"nah i pulled a Wander and told my boss to go to hell"

2."hey did you get any Wanders in your schedule?"
by Caldie May 02, 2008

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