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1. The fear of fish.

2. The fear of fishing.

3. The fear of knowing where most of your seafood comes from, esp. fish and other seafood that was not caught on camera for Discovery Channel.
Fish are gross and I'm not touching it, except with my fork or chopsticks. I must have piscisphobia.
by Calcutta January 04, 2011
1. The fear of knowing where your food comes from. This includes both plants and animals, the growing or feeding process, the chemical usage in the food industry, and the harvesting or slaughtering process.

2. An attitude of 'ignorance is bliss' about how your food is grown, injected, fed, slaughtered, or packaged.

3. The fact that people think hunting is savage or uncivilized (absurd), especially those that are omnivores or carnivores.
You have agrophobia. You need to visit a farm.
by Calcutta January 04, 2011
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