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The Official Cabin Whiskey of the Cal Ski Team.
Shot for gaping! Step up to the shot ski and grab the Early Times!
by Cal Ski Team #1! August 31, 2007
A drinking game played on downhill skis with a bag of Franzia, invented by the Cal Ski Team to terrorize gapers. While skiing switch down the hill the skier gulps the delicious beverage until he or she can no more, then chucks the bag for his or her buddies to chase after. Whoever gets to the bag first gets to drink (while skiing switch) and the cycle is repeated to the bottom of the hill.
Franzia Frenzy ingeniously combines skiing and drinking games, taking each to a whole new level.
by Cal Ski Team #1! August 31, 2007
Verb. 1. To scam, trick, rip off or otherwise dupe.

Noun. 2. An extremely sketchy or shady individual. 3. A piece of shit.
1a. We should keith that dumb ass over there with that $20 dollar bill hanging out of his pocket.

1b. I got keithed last night when I walked to my car and found it on blocks.

1c. After I bought that shitty magazine subscription from that pushy door-to-door salesman, I felt like I got keithed.

2. If you keep staring at girls with that shady grin when you are trying to hit on them you are going to turn into a keith.

3. I went to the can and dropped a huge keith.
by Cal Ski Team #1! April 04, 2007

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