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(1) when someone who is clearly far cooler than you deigns themselves to actually say hello, you ignore them completely.

(2) similar to the schnide

(3) a sudden mental collapse (also known as snapping)
Blaesey: "Dude, I just saw Huber and tried to say hello and he totally dissed me!"

Corbett: "Wow, I can’t believe he pulled a Huber on you."
by Cal Ripken May 13, 2004
(1) "koo-stock-ed" - The act of being in a friends wedding party and then when you get married, you give them the schnide from you wedding party.
"Sorry buddy, but Mick is going to get Kucyked at my wedding."
by Cal Ripken April 28, 2004
(1) this occurs when you invite a friend to your wedding and he attends but then when he gets married he does not invite you to his wedding.
"Too bad Tom couldnt be here but he got "Mannioned" from Blaes's wedding."
by Cal Ripken December 10, 2003
(1) This is when you tell someone you can't make it to their wedding because it is just too far to travel, and then attend another wedding at the same location. (2) A form of the schnide
"Hey Kevin, why did your Dad come to Jay's wedding when he said Notre Dame was too far to travel for mine? Sorry Corbett, you just got the Pop-Joe."
by Cal Ripken September 01, 2004
(1) When someone lobbies you to receive an invitation to your wedding because it is taking place in their home town, but you decide to schnide them anyway because it would be funny." (2)
"Ferry tried as hard as he could but he still got Marited for the wedding in Philly."
by Cal Ripken April 28, 2004
(1) when you are not invited to a wedding to which a significant number of your friends are invited.
"Dude, I think he got "Micked" fro Sweeney's wedding."
by Cal Ripken December 10, 2003
(1) The act of lobbying for yourself to receive an invitation to a wedding.
"Kevin, I'm not going to get the Mick from your wedding am I? I really want to come and see the boys."
by Cal Ripken April 28, 2004
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