9 definitions by Cal Ripken

(1) occurs when you are invited to a wedding to which you accept the invitation and then dont show up.
"I am going to "Ferry" Lewindowski's wedding in May."
by Cal Ripken December 10, 2003
(1) This is when you are invited to a friends wedding and RSVP that you will be there. Then, at the last minute, don't attend his wedding, rather you go to another friends wedding in another town.(e.g. Arizona) THEN, when it comes time for you to get married, you don't invite that person to your wedding. a.k.a. Micked
"Dave, whats up with this shit. I just heard I got Micked from Kevin's wedding. Actually T-bone, you got KO'ed."
by Cal Ripken September 01, 2004
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