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Website's dedicated to the revenge of a girlfriend by showing naked pictures and videos of them. The website's usually start with "iHate____.com"
Dude, I put my ex's photos and video on iHateJade.com to be a douche! One more revenge site on the list! Muhahaha!
by Cake Brownie May 13, 2009
Bad quality, blurry, and/or pixelated pornography that is hard to see. Normally found on shitty free streaming porn websites.
All the free porn websites these days are all shitty pixel porn!
by Cake Brownie May 13, 2009
A very literate Mexican often found in Northern parts of California and Arizona. The term is based off of the racist discriminative word, "Wetback," which is referring to a Mexican.
Dude! You know Hakeem, that black/Mexican kid? He's such a Paperback!! He reads like five books a day!
by Cake Brownie June 17, 2009

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