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The man responsible for the most deaths caused worldwide. This is hardly recognized, and those he killed were his own people, and those from small, helpless countries he prior infested with communism.
Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, in that order have caused the most human deaths.
by Caius Justinas June 18, 2005
A beautiful, strong-willed country that has miraculously survived the grip of soviet communists, corrupt invaders, and war-monging outsiders for centuries. Has approximately the same population as Toronto and is roughly the size of Ireland. Also the last country in Europe to accept Christianity.
Lithuania has pristine lakes, scented forests, and welcoming people. Lietuva tevyne musu!
by Caius Justinas May 08, 2005
The best thing to come out of France.
It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.
by Caius Justinas May 08, 2005
Communism doesn't work. If you want proof, look at every nation that adopted it. The only two nations (North Korea and Cuba) that won't let americans enter are communist. Also killed lots of people back in the day.
"Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff" - Frank Zappa
by Caius Justinas August 10, 2005
A hugely multicultural country in North America that is located above the United States. Canada has the potential to be one of the richest countries in the world, but due to 'royal' figureheads and a faulty government, it doesn't come close. Canada has free health care, and to those who gloat about it too often, it was BRITAIN that burned the white house down, NOT Canada. The white house was burned down in 1812, and Canada was not a country until 1867. And for the record, the most heavily populated place in Canada is not frost-bitten and snow covered, it's actually lower than Maine, and has HOT summers!
Canada became a country on July 1st, 1867!
by Caius Justinas June 21, 2005
"Fear of missing out"
Jonny got the rep for being a fomo, but jake's a bigger one.
by Caius Justinas June 30, 2005
One who hits on younger people, usually because they can only be cool to a younger audience, and are not loved in their own age group.
Man that Garisson guy is a creeper.
by Caius Justinas May 23, 2005
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