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A bubble of a town in Michigan, just north of Grand Rapids.
The town is overrun by republicans and super-christians, both of which try to mold you to their idea of perfect.
Who would want to go to Rockford, MI?

Dude, I used to live in Rockford, MI, but I got the hell outta there and I'm not going back.
by Caitlyn 49341 July 14, 2008
A coffeehouse in Rockford, MI.
Unlike Epic, this is where all of the super-christians hang out.
Often there are bands playing religious music, but when there aren't, the owner feels compelled to play the local Christian Radio station.
If you and your friends discuss:
-Being a democrat
-Being homosexual
-Disliking the Bible

Be prepared to be eternally glared at.
I don't want to go to Frenz, the people there make me uncomfortable.

Did you hear that "I Love Jesus" music they were playing at Frenz?
by Caitlyn 49341 July 14, 2008
Stands for Enjoying People in Community.
It is a coffeehouse in Rockford, MI. Many have found this to be the only place where they can be democrats, athiests, homosexual, etc. without being burned at the stake by the super-christians.
I'm so sick of persecution, let's go to EPIC.

EPIC makes the best mango smoothies.
by Caitlyn 49341 July 14, 2008
Someone who thinks that god is the way, the only way, and if you don't follow god you're going to hell.
They vary from regular Christians, because unlike the sensible ones they do everything in their power to convert you.
Often these people live in small towns. They are particularly densely populated in the midwest.
Dude, that super-christian keeps sayng he'll pray for me.

See that guy? He gave me a free bible even though I said I didn't want one... He must be a super-christian.
by Caitlyn 49341 July 14, 2008
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