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U2 is a four member Irish rock band that has been fairly successful so far. I wouldn't go as far as calling them the best band in the world, But they are in the top 5 anyways.
Hey dude, Hear about U2?

Yeah. They rock.
by Cairnage May 07, 2009
The Games website we all used to play on when we were like 10 becuase we thought it was the only game site in the world. But then we turned 13 and realized that there is better games sites.
In Grade 4:

Everyone else: FUCK YEAH

In Grade 9:
Some Kid: WANNA PLAY GAMES ON MINICLIP?1@?#?$#1%OMG?#42315133014358#%34%#$625&YONE43%236/4T%$#26/4564%^?432^2532/%?^//
Me: What the Fuck is this Miniclip you speak of?
by Cairnage September 12, 2009
A not-so-famous band. They are good!
Plushgun rocks
by Cairnage May 02, 2009
A muppet. She loves Kermit the frog, and she acts like she is a huge slut.
Miss Piggy is freaking out over Kermit again.

Isn't she such a slut?
by Cairnage May 02, 2009
The reason Mick Jagger can't get no satisfaction
Your mom is the reason I can't get no satisfaction
by Cairnage January 14, 2010

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