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10 definitions by Caine

A term originally introduced by the clever, yet utterly forgotten, 80's hair metal band, Malt Likker. It was when frontman Jakke Likker was describing his aftershow exploits with bandmates and cohorts on May 19th of the year of our lord nineteen hundred and eighty four. In passing conversation with guitarist Zakke Likker, the term was coined.
Jakke: Well, oh yeah!
Zakke: Well, alright?!
Jakke: WELL, OH YEAH!!
Zakke: Wah tah tah!
Jakke: Oh yeah! Hoes-go-down!
by Caine November 27, 2003
slang term for alchohol
sippin on some fader-ade!
by Caine April 21, 2003
being under the influence or using a mixture of cocaine and methamphetamines.
im speed ballin'!
by Caine April 21, 2003