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Ireland (the greatest country ever!!!!!!) in it's Irish term.
Proper name for Irland since it became a republic.
I live in Éire
by Cailín beag June 19, 2003
messed up by England's plantation in the 1600's.
look, it's Northern Irland.
by Cailín beag June 14, 2003
Place in Ireland where the Irish language is still spoken and taught. Found in Donegal and other places in the west of Ireland.
Hell for any one who goes there to learn Irish, great for anyone who likes discos and trips around the country, fun for tourists who find the irish language 'cute'.
1) I'm in a Gaeltacht, get me out of here!
2) I'm in a Gaeltacht, yeay!
3) I'm in a Gaeltacht, take my photo!
by Cailín beag June 19, 2003
Means little girl in Irish.
Is very devoted to her nationality.
Likes spuds (american translation: potatoes)
I'm cailín beag, the happiest girl in the whole of Ireland!
by Cailín beag June 19, 2003
the features of a person's face (isn't that interesting, bet you didn't know that!)
hey, that person studies physiognomy
by cailín beag June 21, 2003
a particularly fantabulus show which shall always be remembered as he show that never sold out and made a movie
I like the simpsons
by cailín beag June 21, 2003
a small pixie-like creature that roams the mountains of Canada. Have been known to attack at random.
i'm going mountie hunting!
by cailín beag July 06, 2003
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