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Craic (pronounced "crack") is an Irish word with no direct translation in English.

It is generally used to describe fun, banter, a good time, etc.

It is used both in the Irish language and as a slang word in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

It is in no way linked to the English word "crack", although "craic" is often spelled as "crack" by those who are unfamiliar with the Irish spelling.

The Irish word "craiceáilte" (meaning "crazy", often used to describe a person who is wild and eccentric) comes from "craic".

Craic as a slang word in the English language has several applications:

1. To describe a person who is fun to be around

2. To describe a party or other social event that was very enjoyable, often ones involving alcohol

3. To ask someone how they are or to inquire about recent events/gossip

In the Irish language it is generally used to describe a social event
1. Ciara's great craic

2. The party was good craic, We had great craic at the pub

3. What's the craic?, How was the craic last night?

Bhí a lán craic againn (We had great craic)
by Cailín Dána May 28, 2011

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