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Occurs on a CBD. Having a Christian Bale Freak Out occurs in public, work, or a party settings. It's triggered by that 'one last straw' moment and you can't help yourself but to completely freak out. Then, you count the days til it makes its way to the internet.
John : I had a CBFO last night at our work party

Jenn : Did you get fired yet? And please tell me there's a You Tube link for me....

John : No. And .. please god, don't let there be
#cbd #christian bale #freak out #lose it #terminator
by Caelestis F March 10, 2009
Christian Bale Day. That one day a year where you can easily foresee yourself having a break down that will most likely make the internet in some way, shape, or form. A Christian Bale Freak Out (CBFO) occurs on CBD's & will make even your mother question if she still loves you. CBD's and CBFO's can be triggered by nearly anything seeing as how they correlate to the addition of stress upon stress.
John : It's only 10 am and I'm having a CBD. I need to go lock myself away somewhere.

Jenn : I have my camera phone ready so if you're having a CBD I'm ready <3
#christian bale #terminator #freak out #cbfo #lose it
by Caelestis F March 10, 2009
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