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4 definitions by Cadorie

Usually caused by difficult times, and is when you feel worthless, and it is from people at school and it is half your fault for being shy and not talking to them and making friends.
Student: Eric!
Eric: Wanna hear a story?
Student: Geez Eric that is all you do you aren't interested in me and don't even care about me you just want to show off and be heard. You are a nerd.

This is true about nerds! search nerd, by clicking here nerd.
by Cadorie November 18, 2003
A person that dares people do things to people.
I dare you to spank that duck in the pond.
by Cadorie November 09, 2003
A friend and follower of Eric Harris, In the columbine tragity, Weapon Owned: TEC-DC9
by Cadorie September 27, 2003
Intrac TEC-DC9 Semi automatic Pistol, used in the assination at columbine, See Eric Harris Dylon Klebold. The Ab-10 is similar, it has laser site. (After-ban 10)
by Cadorie September 27, 2003