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Oak Cliff, Southwest Dallas, TX, aka Oak Cliff, Texas, OCT, OC, Tha Cliff, Tha Oak. All of Oak Cliff isn't bad, but almost every neighborhood south of Illinois Ave (South Oak Cliff, Soc), is dangerous, poor and full of minorities. North Oak Cliff is mostly good, but Northeastern, aka Downtown Oak Cliff is dangerous. South, Southeast and southwest, and west Oak Cliff is full of danger, but is poorer. Even if you think you might be in a nice area of OCT cuz of the way the houses look, still be careful, cuz theres gentrification goin on and theres alot of nice lookin houses that the thugs is just gonna tear em up again. OCT is mostly black mexican and loas. black niggas is southsidem mexicans is southwest, blacks is southeast, and laos is spreaded out. Dont look at a nigga wrong when you in OAK CLIFF, TEXAS! COUNTRY BOYS'LL KILL YA!
Tall-Ts, airbrush read Oak Cliff, Texas
by Cadillac Drive Pat February 14, 2010

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