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A Cat-Job is similar to a hand-job. Its like your stroking a cats tail. And painful
I was at a party last week and the girl didnt know how to give a proper hand-job. she gave me a cat-job
by Cadillac C--Y January 19, 2011
A Jumping-Jack Off is just like the motion of jumping jacks, except you have one hand in that particular motion
I went to the gym, and as a joke I did my entire work out. The very last one I started the Jumping Jack-offs

The best way to loose weight is to do Jumping Jack-offs
by Cadillac C--Y February 09, 2011
1. Great way to confuse people when yelled randomly with someones name in front of it
2. A way to get that persons attention, and attempted them to do it
Example 1: (Insert name) Jerk Me Off!
Tia - How are you doing today?
Dan - Pretty good, you?
Tia - not bad
Steve - Tia, Jerk Me Off!

Example 2: (Insert name) Jerk Me Off!
Eli - Hey you
Sarah - me?
Eli - Yeah
Sarah - What do you want?
Eli - Sarah, Jerk Me Off!
by Cadillac C--Y February 27, 2011

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