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Sp. "Father of the..." but also a good thing. also can be used with "trigo" or "trick daddy aich" meaning "trick daddy" to signify a juke or ownage.
(after someone got balled up) oh shit son, he got papa del trick daddy aiched!
by Calvin November 17, 2002
young woman of gipsy/council house origin
big earings and little pikey boots
mostly predominant in maidstone kent area
by calvin May 02, 2003
Such as when you scroll on MSN so parents don't see anything, but the person you're talking to does it for you.
Calvin - I R TEH GETTING RAINBOW SIX: 3. :D says:

Calvin - I R TEH GETTING RAINBOW SIX: 3. :D says:
Pika says:
by Calvin December 15, 2003
when you smoke an entire twenty and you are completely shot.
Dude, one more hit and I'm going to be a wongbat!
by calvin October 28, 2003
(a.k.a Lum, Lumi)
1. A dude who likes to hump 15 year old boys named Calvin.
Luminaire Mage humped Calvin and then Calvin shot him and burned Lum's body in an acid pool infested with man eating sharks.
by Calvin June 29, 2003
to stroke your penis till it becomes a fountain of white liquid at the same time moaning like after a maraton
I stroke my hard cock till i cum all over my bed

when the door open my dad caught me masturbating
by Calvin April 05, 2005
Somebody who does something really stupid see asshat
Jim drove into a farmers market, what a fucktard
by Calvin November 12, 2003

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