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A Ginger Cookie is the womans vagina during the time of her period. It is usally used in referance to giving a woman Oral Sex during her time of the month.
"Hay Mike, last night I was totally eating the Ginger Cookie"

"Sorry Sue, I never eat the Ginger Cookie"
by C_A_FUK September 25, 2006
The act of wanking (masturbating) using blood as a lubricant.
Emo 1: "I'm so Emo last night i slit my wrists and used to blood to enhance my wank"
Emo 2: "Dude, I had a blood wank last night too."
by C_A_FUK March 13, 2008
1) A videogame consol company that has been around since the 1980's with Maro as the mascot.

2) A slang term for urinating (or taking a leak) it comes frm the latest (2006) Nintendo consol being called the Nintendo Wii. Wii is said the same as Wee which is another name for taking a slash.
Gamer "Wow nintendo have just released a nee consol."

Man "Dude, I just took a wicked Nintendo"
by C_A_FUK December 08, 2006
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