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1 definition by CS H8r

Originally a multiplayer mod for the 1999 game Half Life, it exploded with the dedication of mod makers and "famous" hacking clans. Went from a semi-fun game and moderatly known to a huge topic of conversation game. These hackers claimed to be the shit because they could get (thats right, GET, these fags dont make their own shit) aimbots for a 6 year old game.

Soon after this became a game for any looser who couldnt spell 'computer'. Every skateboarding douche came to this game and claimed to be a PC Gamer because they clicked a mouse and killed someone one time.

In short, this is a game for posers. Used to be fun, but with the hackers and loosers, it just isnt worth playing.
*Amid the sounds of skateboards* Hey, you guys wanna go play some Counterstrike? I will totally...how do you say...own? you? Is that right?
by CS H8r July 04, 2005