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A malicious computer software created by Microsoft. The sick company designs the operating system to be vulnerable to a wide spectrum of attacks, effectively ruining your computer, and forcing you to pay for repairs, or buy another copy of there overpriced "product".

It is widely known that to increase sails, Microsoft took a reliable working product, and ripped off it's ideas. A genius move on Microsofts part, take down the competition by slapping their name on it, brilliant. That product is Mac OS X. However it is also apparent that Mac OS X kicks so much ass, it nocked over Microsofts crappy operating system, and T-bagged it.
"Hey, did Windows Vista bend you over and jack your wallet today"
"No man, I got a Mac, now vista just crashes in a corner for no reason"
"Yeah, I think it's taunting me, it keeps repairing itself to get me to use it again, so it can crash on me"

"Every night before Windows Vista "hibernates"(crashes), it checks it's closet for Mac OS X"

"Windows Vista was created by god, so man would truly appreciate Mac OS X"

"Chuck Norris uses a Mac, even though he is the only person in the world that Windows Vista will not crash for"
by CRS BLKvol February 14, 2007

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