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3 definitions by CQ_The_Intruder

When a girl is spreading her eagle continuously, you jump on the girls back pantsless and start flapping your arms like wings and screaming eagle noises having the ho continuously eagling as she is walking and transport you to where you wanna go.
Last night I took my eaglemobile to a seven 11 buy me some anal beads.
by CQ_The_Intruder September 21, 2009
7 4
The act of Fisting a chick in her nostral's
I ran out of places to fist so I decided to change up the "game" and give the trifling Ho a a Fostral.
by CQ_The_Intruder June 22, 2010
3 1
Using a piece of paper to cut out a shape of your favourite comic/cartoon character stick the stencil in the girls face whip out your cock ejaculate towards a fan to ensure maximum deflection of sperm to face.

Remove the stencil to uncover your special character
My child hood hero was superman so I gave my Ho' a spencil of him for my kids birthday
by CQ_The_Intruder August 19, 2009
9 33