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A gay construction worker or tradesman that is recognized by his lack of females around him.
John Ross of Nanaimo, BC is a total Con-Gay. He only works in the trade to be with men.
by CP187 February 07, 2007
Typically that regular "patron" at the neighborhood pub. Usually the bartender/waitress often brings them their "regular" beer in according size and flavor... upon arrival without question!
"Dude lets go to your house!"

"I can't my dad got home and hes drunk"

"Yeah that's right! My mom said your dad is a real pub goer these days and that....

Sorry... I wont lie, she said hes a fucking loser!!!"
by CP187 December 05, 2006
The month when the beach bears no bikini clad women... let alone ppl and beer is drank mostly indoors for some reason now.
"Do u wanna go to the beach and meet some drunk girls?"

"Are you kidding? I'm not gonna hit on you you fucking girl"

"Oh yeah it's Septober now!"
by CP187 December 05, 2006
When a man pulls out his dick after fucking a woman in the mouth/ass/pussy and cums in her eye.
"I gave her the Bada Bing"
by CP187 November 14, 2006

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