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An in depth sex maneuver when a man shits(coco-) on his balls(-nut), then cums on them(cream-), and finally shoves his balls into a vagina(-pie). The coconut cream balls can also be used to tea-bag an unsuspecting victim for comedic effect.
Jennifer: What did you say he did with his balls?
Betsy: He gave me a Coconut Creampie for desert. It was fantastic.
by CMonster August 17, 2012
Slang for the English word "yes".
Used to express aggrement or a positive responce.
I heard MC has a big Cock? "Yetch" he does. I have pictures. Would you like to see them. "Yetch" I sure would :D

Do you have an extra beer in the fridge? "Yetch", I do. Help yourself.
by Cmonster April 20, 2006

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