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A person of authority, a person of law enforcement, a store employee, a person that will or could rat you out (tell on you), a person who will or could potentially get you caught and busted. A camera on the premises, recording (surveillance) and could prove a crime or action, etc.
"Yo there's an eagle over there, let's jet; we'll come back when he leaves"
#camera #narc #cop #law enforcement #rat
by CMV1997 April 26, 2006
The child who is born at 6:00am and/or 6:00pm on June 6th, 2006 will be an evil devil-child...Let's see who will be the lucky mother of this wicked creation! Let's just hope it isn't twins!

The day the Devil Himself will be born into Human flesh and be on this planet in the form of a human.
The parents whose child is born on June 6th, 2006 at exactly 6:00 6/6/06or 666 will be cursed with an Evil problem child!! Good Luck, whoever you are!! That child is gonna be nothin but trouble!
#june sixth #666 #june #devil #child #birth #evil
by CMV1997 April 27, 2006
Abbreviation for San Diego
The Best City EVER!!
The three-letter airport abbreviation of SAN DIEGO
San Diego is the place to be and you know it!
#619 #daygo #dago #chargers #858
by CMV1997 April 27, 2006
Noun: 1) A male prostitute
2) A guy with many females (a player)
3) Nick Cannon and R. Kelly
4) Nick Cannon is the #1 Gigolo!!
Nick Cannon from Spring Valley, CA is a Gigolo spendin' lots of dough
#male #nick #cannon #r. kelly #jigalo
by CMV1997 April 27, 2006
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