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(adj) 1. acting like an idiot 2. liar

Although quite simmilar to being an assfish, it is used more as a personal denunciation rather than that of a group

(syn) idiot, assmunch, ass capitain, ass pirate, assclown, stupid-ass bastard, fuck face,asshole

(ant) genius, trustee, smart, intelligent, knowledgable
Origin: (during the wake) Hey Carmen, u know if u rearange the letters of your grandmother's first name it spells asstuna?

Example: (after someone punches you) "what the hell you friggin' asstuna!!!
by CMD January 22, 2004
The BEST lil sissy (sister) in the whole world!!!!! I LOVE U MARIYA!!!!
I LOVE U lil sis!! When i get better im teaching u how to dance!! Fo sho!! (O thats mine and Carsons)
by cmd July 29, 2004

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