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The ghetto pronunciation of "shit right there" as used to describe an unfavorable situation or a sighting of literal feces.
Guy 1: "Yo that ho just gave me the clap!"
Guy 2: "Man thats some shee rah dai!"
by Cm24 April 02, 2013
"Blowing It" at the last minute or "Sucking" when it counts the most.

Derived from the 2013 Super Bowl where the San Francisco 49ers had three opportunities to score the winning touchdown at the five yard line at the end of the game and decided to pass, ruining their one sure shot at the title.

The definition also suggests it can be a term for last minute oral sex.
Person 1: "How did the game go?"
Person 2: "We would have won but the qb decided to 49 it!"

Alternate definition

Person 1: "Where is Jim?"
Person 2: "He is probably 49ing before work."
by Cm24 February 04, 2013
When you eat out too many girls in a short time frame, making yourself dizzy, you get a Cuntcussion
"Dude, why are you so dizzy?"
"I ate out 23 girls, so now I have a cuntcussion!"
by CM24 December 12, 2013
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