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2 definitions by CM Punk

when you go to get a hair cut and the lady that cuts your hair is wearing a top that shows her breasts. your hair dresser lap dance will begin with you getting your hair washed. your hair dresser will make you lay back in a chair and when she washes your hair she will be leaning over you. this will 1, reveal even more cleavage, and 2, make you even closer to her tits.

when she grabs your head to dry your hair, she will mash your face into her breasts.

then when thats done, she will grab your hand and take you over to the barber's chair. your lap dancer will stand very close to you and rub her self on your arms which are located grapsing the chair tightly. during the entire hair cut she will complement you on how you have the most perfect hair and that your sooo cute.

after she is done with the hair cut, she will get the electric clippers and clean up the back of your neck, she will blow the back of neck and ears and such.

at the end of it all, the cost will come out to about 20 bucks plus tip, just the same as an average lap dance.
Guy:Why does that guy always have such short hair??

Guy2:well he never lets his hair grow out because he is always going down to the haircutters on the corner. theres this one lady that always gives him a hair dresser lap dance.
by CM Punk September 25, 2007
someone who is actually a fan of the band Pink Floyd.

If you know about the albums, Meddle, abscoured by clouds, More, piper at the gates of dawn, then you MIGHT be a true pink floyd fan.

also, if you think that another brick in the wall is their best song, you are not a true pink floyd fan. anyone who picks this as their favorite likes it only because they get to scream "we dont need no education" a bunch of times.
fake floyd:yeah pink floyd was right, we dont need no education.

true pink floyd fan: shut up please.
by CM Punk September 25, 2007