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Noun : A person renowned for being a bust with the ladies, a terrible athlete, and consequently, a failure at life. You may refer to yourself in the third person, ...but this is only because it's your username for online video games. "The Meier" can be summed up in two simple words : Epic Fail.
1. We were all gonna get that puss last night until The Meier showed up and cock blocked the whole group. Fuck that guy has no game.

2. Girl : "Who are you."

The Meieir : "I'm the Meier baby! Heeeeyyy!"

Girl : "I'm out."

The Meier : "Typical."

3. "Cal Lu almost won that game last night until The Meier came in and missed every shot. ...and to top it off The Meier ruined the post game party by creepin on all the chicks!"
by CLU K-Men July 21, 2009
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