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Shortened version of princess.
Shey called me prinnie after she got sick of my bitching.
by ck April 29, 2004
To drive head first into a wall.
Wow he just went Earnhardt style into that building!
by CK March 19, 2004
A two-step process in which one listens to a sufficient amount of k-pop, and then "follows it up" with a little masturbation while watching k-porn (alternately "korean" and "kiddie", depending on the mood).
I wish dan had finished that topology, but instead he felt like going home and pulling a k2.
by ck December 12, 2004
An object that is used for cKleaning. A term cKlueless wankstaz use to distinguish their flags.
You lil wanksta, cKallin ya flag a rag? You lookin to get dropped. B's up C's down; 5 poppin, 6 droppin; 5 flaggin, 6 draggin.
by CK October 04, 2004
Pussy, Vagina, Twat, Box, Cunt
I want some chunch!
by ck September 09, 2003
A typical Wisconsin/Upper Michigan redneck phrase, meaning "you guys".
Yous guys want to come with to the store?
by CK February 20, 2004
its a bevarage u drink to get crunk,
like alchhol!!
"pass me my crunk juice....imma bout to get CRUNK!!!!"
by CK March 19, 2005

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