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faggot + goth

gay goth kid. probably likes reading queer books about conspiracies and vampires and having secks with men. one of the highest degrees of being a skwayer
person one-hey look at edgar over there

person two- no he's part of the "dark" side or whatever. he wants to be called andariel, darkness lord of the almighty, grand panel of the sages of elm street werewolverines.

person one- wow what a faggoth
by Ck July 09, 2004
an ass sticking out!
shake ya tail feather!!!
by CK March 19, 2005
Originally a group of five females of Dutch origin, known for a prudish, 'all your base are belong to us' attitude. However, they mercilessly follow any and all trends they deem to be 'cool' and will do anything to be 'popular'. Their attitude belies an extremely slutty character, making them look even sadder when the truth does break the surface. They are the sworn mortal enemies of the Streetwise Crew. Members of the Clan are often referred to as 'Bitches' (emphasis on the capital letter).
In daily usage, 'bitch posse wannabe clan' can be used to denote any group of individuals who share personality traits with the original BPWC.
CK: "Yo, Smokey, how's the BPWC diss comin'?"
Smokey: "Almost finished... those Bitches won't know what hit 'em when this shit hits the market"
by CK November 02, 2004
Taking a stripper home (or to your place or hotel) after her shift at the strip club for some nookie. Can either be paid or unpaid. Unpaid is always better.
After she gave him some lapdances, she offered him takeout at her place.
by CK November 06, 2004
Support in the form of a thing or idea that is supplied by an insider to the person requesting to "hook it up"
When my brother found out that I knew some insider information that could make him money, he immidiately asked meto "hook it up".
by CK October 23, 2003
Two white (but not trash) teenage upcoming rappers that form the center of a conglomerate of like-minded individuals from different social groupings. Half Dutch and half American, the SWC is known at their school for speaking their mind, not giving a flying shit about what others say about them, and being generally very 'gangsta' (add the necessary sardonic winks here). The sworn mortal enemies of the Bitch Posse Wannabe Clan, due to a long-running and deeply personal feud between the SWC's American half and the 'Head Bitch' of the BPWC.
"And you just gotta step behind my back, without the balls to diss me to my face and get clapped,
I bring that, to any punk motherfucker ready to go tit for tat, but they all step back
When my clan rats bring noise and gats, you ignore the facts when I show you the plans of our attack
You get beat down for runnin’ your mouth by twenty cats and it’s all in perspective, until you get smacked" --excerpt from 'SWC- My People'
by CK November 02, 2004
a position for sexual intercourse in which one fuckee hires a professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army to lay upon the other fuckee.

1965–70; so called because it was allegedly favored by lethargic Christian missionaries working among indigenous peoples, in preference to positions in which the man approaches the woman from behind, with little work done himself.
God damnit woman I ain't got no more semen in me. You done run my well dry. Shit female, Imma have to break it out in mercenary position.
by cK March 03, 2009

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