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'Ram It' is another way of telling somebody to either 'Shut up' or 'Go away'.
Used in agressive situations, although also used for comical banter, 'Ram It' is the perfect term to use instead of the conventional 'Shut up'.
"Ram it, you!"

"Could you please RAM IT!?"

"Ram it, I don't want to hear your voice!"
by CJdamaster December 24, 2008
Accidently (a whole coke bottle) - Verb

To accidently something is to insert an object 5 to 6 inches up your rectum. This is commonly used to cause sexual pleasure, as it is also to annoy others.
The most common item to accidently is a coke bottle, yet most things can be used.
Using this term creates interesting prospects.
"I accidently a WHOLE coke bottle!"

"I have something to tell you... I accidently your dildo last night..."
"Accidently what?"
"Your dildo."

"I'm not gay! I just like to accidently!"

More examples at http://encyclopediadramatica.com/I_accidentally_X
by CJdamaster December 22, 2008

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