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Gambler, "degenerate" gambler. Refers to card players, racetrack bums, bookies, dice & craps shooters, proposition (prop) bettors. Gamblers consider other gamblers degens, but not themselves usually. Card players consider sports bettors "degens." Sports bettors consider slot machine players degens. Etc
by CJRogue September 30, 2012
Oh For Fuck's Sake! OFFS is an acronym, mostly used online and in text lingo, that you can also sound out phonetically I suppose, but it's probably best just to use it in writing, text, online, etc. If you say it out loud, go ahead and say the whole thing. An exclamation that requires reference to more sake, or at least a different flavor of sake, than what good old Saint Pete can provide and, presumably, not as much sake as the Xtian messiah would rate. If we're going to blaspheme and invoke a holy sake, let's drop an F-bomb in there for emphasis. Related idioms: "Here we go again." "You've got to be shitting me!" and "Fercryinoutloud!"
OFFS, look at what Bartholomew is doing now, the poor guy is wearing his white coveralls after Labor Day! It's a rural fashion crime.
by CJRogue July 26, 2015

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