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2 definitions by CJR1994

Huddersfield is a large Mill Town in the West Yorkshire area of 'The North' affectionately known as 'Uddersfield' by the locals, the Town served as the Capital of Yorkshire during its seventeen year breakaway from the rest of the United Kingdom in 1848-1865

The largest and greatest area of Huddersfield was Lindley until it was discovered that Lindley had been moved to Bradford in the back of a Ford Transit van.

The town of Huddersfield lies in the Colne Valley, where the surrounding hills give an excellent view of the permanent yellow smog that hangs over the town.
To the east lie the tourist attractions of the ICI complex, the shopping complexes and Leeds Road, the main escape route out of Huddersfield.

The approach to Huddersfield in all directions is lined by a selection of everything's-a-pound shops, Netto, Lidl, and derelict buildings.

There is also a new Lidl store that offers a wide variety of biologically damaging foodstuffs imported from former states of the USSR.
You know that Jamie McCombe that wrote one of the definitions slagging off Huddersfield? Well he's a central defender for Huddersfield Town now, so shove that up your arse Lincoln
by CJR1994 July 11, 2011
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An acronym used in Text-speak, standing for 'You Came on my Tits'
OMG Lulz YCOMT last night, was fun! xoxox
by CJR1994 June 01, 2012
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