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It's the only answer to J'eat yet?
Question: Hey, J'eat yet?
Answer: No, J'ou?
by CJMO November 15, 2006
It's when you don't have to take a dump for days, then you visit your parents house, and you MUST take a dump. Even adult children are unaware this is happening but it's definitely umbilically connected. An umbilical dump.
Child: Hey Ma, I feel an umbilical dump coming on.
Ma: Oh shit, I have to clean the skidmarks out of the toilet again?? Another umbilical dump.
by CJMO November 15, 2006
When you finally find that piece of jewelry you've been looking for. Combination of bling and bingo.
Look at that necklace! Blingo!
by CJMO November 23, 2006
Double whammy def: used as a NICE word to describe someone who gets easily annoyed, and/or usually behaves like a complete ahole. Or, it could be used to describe the act of someone being annoyed.

J: oh, that Tom is such a sphincternoodle.
C: yeah, he's got his sphincternoodle all in a twist.
by CJMO November 01, 2006
This is what will crawl up your ass in the dead of winter if you have to take a shit outside, especially in New England.
Parent to child: don't go to the bathroom outdoors in winter, or a snow snake could crawl up your butt.

Man, I gotta take a dump but I'm afraid a snow snake will crawl up my ass!
by CJMO November 01, 2006

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