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when u charge a plasma pistol & shoot them with it than shoot them with a BR,magnum,carbine in da head.

also known as da river combo
mace: River get da nub combo now!!!
River: i already got it don't worry nukka.
mace: nice river nub river oh shit 1 more damn nub him.
River: i got em chill Mace.
mace: fo sho.
by CJ aka mace windu 76 August 03, 2006
to shoot some1 in da head with a sniper rile
first blue guy: Dude i just a jfk shot with da sinper on dat red guy

2nd blue guy: nice nukka
by CJ aka mace windu 76 August 01, 2006
to charge a plasma pistol then shoot some1 then pull outa carbine & shoot dat person in da head in halo2

also known as da nub combo
Mace: River get da pro combo & shoot dat ho.
River: i got it where is he
by CJ aka mace windu 76 August 03, 2006
to kill some1 with a magnum in halo2
first blue guy: u can kill him with magnum dumbass.
2nd blue guy: da hell i can't.
1st blue guy: holly shit u just killed him with a magnum.
2nd blue guy: hell yea that's a nukka kill.
1st blue guy: what do u know u r black.
2nd blue guy: damn right kracka
by CJ aka mace windu 76 August 03, 2006

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