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the best cigars for the best weed. both are illegal. rolling a phat one with hommies. gettin a really expensive cigar for some really good weed. high quality shits. rolling weed in a cigar and selling it.
Hey, you got any cubans? Asking to buy or wanting to smoke the good shits.
by CJ Perry May 03, 2006
a big just got PAID grin or smile, from ear to ear.
With all that loot I was just cheezin'.
by CJ Perry May 03, 2006
Unlike aliens, beings from an atmospheric determination of re-defining a label of my choices. No longer willing to accept societies labeling of homosexual ideas of Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered or Bi-sexual. But to re-define a social senario.
Meaning a Zarillian is a person who is actively diverse in the lifestyle of same-sex couplings. Planetary status: Zarill. Metaphysically being from a different place sexually than heterosexuals. Living in Zarillia, happy, comfortable, gay and in joy. Zarillian singular.
Zarillians are free-thinking, lovable humans who don't need or want societys definition of their sexual imprints. Freedom of personal expression and freedom of who we choose as a partner.
by CJ Perry May 03, 2006
because shit is never singular it always comes with something.
who bought all these things and shits? lots of garbage shits.
by CJ Perry May 03, 2006

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