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A phrase used a lot in the hit web sitcom Red Vs Blue
"you backstabing cockbite"
by CJ December 03, 2004
when a nigga isn't there or no one can catch him
he caught the ball, nigga's gone
by cj September 04, 2004
She is partly mad but always full of joy. She's a great gal who fell in with a bad bad crowd and now is corrupted.
Man you've become such a madjoy
by Cj January 08, 2005
When a man cums into the sand on a beach and scoops it up and slings it into the girls face.
CJ unloaded a massive cum shot into the sand at Nags Head N.C. and scooped it up and slung it into the unknowing face of Shelby.
by CJ December 14, 2004
When a chick gives a guy a RimJob (RJ), moves slightly and nibbles/licks giving the Gooch some Action (GA), and then moves slightly again to give the guy a BlowJob (BJ). These three thing together in that order are called giving someone "the initials."
My girlfriend came over last night and gave me the initials. First she licked my ass, then played with my gooch, and finally she gave me a blowjob.
by CJ January 09, 2004
Regional slang for Hull (UK)
simply means theres a "Horse on the Path"
A: Look at that oss on flags
by CJ September 27, 2004
The system of laws governing thugs
Marijuana is the driving force in the American thuganomy
by CJ September 16, 2004

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