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78 definitions by CJ

the bravest tool given to mankind
suajh can help us
by cj October 20, 2003
6 38
The acting of performing or recieving of oral sex.
Kiesha got herpes on her mouth from her bad habbit of giving random boys bezzle.
by cj October 11, 2003
35 67
Boogers and snot. The goo.
Enrique's collection of bogarts that resemble celebrities is nearly complete...
by CJ March 20, 2005
3 43
it cause people to live forever it attack the mind of the person sores
zombies and dead
by cj November 11, 2003
9 57
A group of hard-core bad-ass motherfuckers in Souf Baltimore that are rollin 30 deep.
O shit here comes the MS, they flip the shizzle fo' rizzle my nizzle, im outie they are some straight up gangstas!!
by CJ April 04, 2005
17 73
A girl named candace that is 4 foot tall and thinks she is the shit.
Did u see shawtii today, she must be gettin shorter and shorter!!
by CJ April 02, 2005
11 77
Jew bag- a jewish person.
"raise up outa here you jew bag."
by CJ March 29, 2005
149 218