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The smell left on a man's balls after sex. Especially occurs when there is not enough time to wash your man-berries post coitus.
Dude I have got the worst case of manchovies ever! I had sex with my GF up at the campgrounds and the showers were busted and by the time I got home I had to go straight to work...My balls REEK to high heaven, they're so fishy smellin' I got alley cats followin' me everywhere I go!
by CHRiSToFoRiZZLe October 01, 2010
1) Similar to the game "just the tip" where the girl let's you grind up against her vagina without letting you have full penetration.
You know that foreign exchange girl? Last night we got drunk and played poking the ham for two hours...Now I've got the worst case of blue balls in the history of mankind.
by CHRiSToFoRiZZLe February 09, 2011

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