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the lowest form of life.
a person that sucks and has, invariably, an ugly wife /girlfriend
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 18, 2005
an exclamation. (negative)
crimety! I have the sassar computer virus.

I spilled jam on the new tablecloth! Crimety.
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 13, 2005
clothing brand wildly popular with the 19-24 year old student crowd.
-is worn across the nation.

-is more expensive than competing brands like Kmart and Walmart

-is as popular as Mossimo was three years ago.

-a brand, with a strange name, raised from the dead a few years back and will sell strong for years to come because university lifestyles are steady enough for a safe market nich every year.

-if they ever knew of their future success, they would not have named it after whoevers names those are however, after a reputation is formed , it is hard to make a change and still keep your customers.
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 13, 2005
A phrais spoken by blacks and people who want to be black.
fo shizzl my nizzl (for sure, my n*****)
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 12, 2005
a status symbol availiable to only the rich, ...and to people smart enough to ask for the 'pay for free minuts' plan which is a hell of a lot cheaper than prepay.
people with the "hang up and drive" sticker, thought that they couldn't afford a cell cause they didn't understand their options, or went to a stupid shop that doesn't understand the options.
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 16, 2005
Slow lyric, fast beat.

Although trance may have links to all types of music, this is the simplest way it can be explained.

The general public's exposure to this music is limited to "club anthems" and other saturday night remixes on radio stations.
DARUDE -male trance artist
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 26, 2005

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