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This is urban slang. You may have heard of "dude" and "man" and "bro" and most recently, you will hear kids saying them all together now. "Hey dude man bro!"

Well the kids are now saying "Dude man bear pig" as a greeting. This was adopted from the episode of the television show "South-Park" where Al Gore hunts a "man-bear-pig"

So this is a greeting. I believe it originated in the very trendy "Dirty Den" of Meriden CT.
Mike: Hey dude man bear pig, whats going on?
Johnny: Eh, not too much, boutta sop some tang tonight
Mike: Nice breh, give the ol' in out for me.
by CHALK111 April 17, 2010
N. This is slang for the word "Drugs"

It is pronounced "Dee-Rugs"

Rather than merging the D and the Rugs together.

This was first developed to be able to talk about scoring some drugs in a public area, where talk of drugs would be taboo.

This phrase originated in none other than the dirty den of meriden CT.
"Boy we need to get up and get some DeeRugs in us"

"Word, I hear that"

Police Officer: "Did I hear you boys talking about rugs?

"Why, yes you did, pee-iggy"

Police Officer: (chuckles) You kids and your slang.
by Chalk111 January 12, 2010
n. The "White Eel of Shame" is a seamen filled condom partially sticking out of a female's vagina.

v. The action of being "White Eeled"

Spitting White Eel of Shame requires a both a female, and a male companion. In most cases, the female must already be unconscious prior to being White Eeled. The male must either have sex with the female while she is conscious, or after she has fallen unconscious. The male must then climax into the condom. The male must then pull out. At this point, if the female is unconscious, the male must wait until the female has fallen asleep naked, legs spread. The male must then insert the condom backwards, into the vagina of the female, without the female becoming conscious. This allows for a great Kodak moment, and major kudos from friends.

The "Spitting White Eel of Shame" is reversing the condom.
Oh my god Jerry, someone gave me the white eel of shame last night and I still have no idea who it was... I'm such a slut.
by Chalk111 January 07, 2010
Verb- To cross the street. To cross anything.

Pronounced: "Cray-Oss"

Also spelled "Krayoss"

Originated in none other than the Dirty Den of Meriden CT.
"Aight, theres no cars comin, lets crayoss"
by Chalk111 January 08, 2010
Noun- 1. An insult, to mean asshole.

2. A literal Asshole.
A. Your a turd muff.

B. She has such a nice turdmuff.
by CHALK111 May 20, 2010
Just another name for the Dirty Den of Meriden CT
Not to be confused with the other Dirtys of the US.

Its a wasteland full of druggys and scum bags... But all the kids that live there are sick as and always a blast to party with.
"HAHA I just went to the dirty dirty mall and copped some budder hell yeahhh we gettin crizzed tonight."

"Yo I just got off the phone. I got a clown, a magician, I got 3 fortune tellers, 8 kegs, 2 portrait artists, 6 DJ's, and a fucking light show technitian man.. dis party gonna be off the HOOK!"

"...Man, why didnt you just invite someone from the dirty dirty? That'd be way cooler than all that garbage"
by CHALK111 January 08, 2010
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