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cancun is the craziest place youll ever go.....theres crazy mexicans and plenty of alchol to go around...if your not getting hammered..ur on the beach checking out topless babes...ur sure to find at least one sexy somone
I met my sexy someone.. kara B
by CG April 16, 2005
A person who plays there own music continually at a party, ignores others suggestions. Stays in a three foot radius of stereo
A friend of mine, obsessed with Tool and the like
by CG May 12, 2004
Fake Burberry. usually cheaply made, with four or more stripes instead of the usual three. Usually found on pykies, and brought for 99p at the local market.
by CG November 02, 2003
a red sexual object, that resembles a devils triton, has a tendancy to spank peoples backsides, when they are least expecting. Is uncontrolable, will feel uncontrolable pleasure if this happens to you.
woman walks down street, drops keys, bends over, and THE SPANKING STICK strikes at full Pelt.
by CG October 28, 2003
chicken nuggets
Those Mc Donalds chiggie mcniggie were good.
by CG July 18, 2003
Cute, tiny little girl that is beautiful in absolutely every way.
I miss my little Sambulance.
by CG December 06, 2004
to have either fellatio or intercourse removing feelings of sexual tension
Geeze it feels good to get the spadge monkey off my back.
by CG May 12, 2004

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