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2 definitions by CFTA21

n. When one person takes/hogs attention so no other people can use/wield the power of other's attention

v. The act of being an attention hog, hogging attention.

Attention Hogging is also used to not only get attention but try and get attention from the person you like. The worst kind of attention hog is one who steals other peoples jokes.
n. "Dude, you've been such an attention hog all period."

v. "Hey man, you are definitely attention hogging her attention."
by CFTA21 April 09, 2008
18 6
1. When someone steals your joke you made earlier.

2. When a person generally steals one's jokes, he/she is classified as a joke stealer and an Attention Hog.

After one steals another's jokes, the original joke maker may become a ZB and put a ZB hat on to ignore everyone/everything.
1. "Dude, you just stole my joke, what the fuck?"

2. "You fucking douche, you are such a joke stealer!"
by CFTA21 April 09, 2008
13 4