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Used to indicate that the person speaking is under duress. Therefore, it negates the rest of the statement. Useful for lying discreetly at a social gathering or party. Used by Jack Bauer in the TV show 24.
(At crowded party)
Ben: Hey man, you and I are best friends forever, right?
Me: Sure. You and I are best friends. I am in a flank two position.

Girl: But you told me that you loved me last night, baby.
Me: I know I said that, but I was in a flank two position!
by CDeck January 22, 2006
Term expressing disapproval of a family member or friend's significant other. Popularized by the TV show "Arrested Development."
Dan: So, I'm going out with Jess now.
Me: Her?

George Michael: We can double-date. You and Sally, and me and Ann.
Michael: Who?
George Michael: Ann.
Michael: Yes...Of course I know Ann. I didn't mean 'who,' I meant...her?
by CDeck December 16, 2005

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