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A book is a clever analogy used to talk about girls.

Girls are books that can be read by guys.

Guys who are looking for a quick read are typically looking for a quick hook up with a girl. However, if a guy is looking for a novel, then he is looking for a long lasting relationship.

There are two things to look for in a book: The cover and the plot. The cover is how attractive the girl is, and the plot is their personality.

If you got to first base with a girl, then it is the equivalent of getting past the title page and into the table of contents. Getting to second base is reading a book like you would read braille...with your hands. Having sex with a girl is finishing the book.

When you break up with the girl, it is known as "putting it back on the shelf", and if you dump them harshly, its known as ripping the pages and breaking the spine.

If you heard things about that book, for example if she is a slut or something, you would say you read about that book in a book critique/review.

The Library is known as a place to pick up books. This is known to be a typical girl hangout. You can also "order" books through friends by having them hook you up.

The names of the girls that you are talking about can be interchanged for book titles through clever play on their names.

Note: Girls generally do not like being considered as inanimate objects such as books.
Example 1:
"Dude why couldn't you hang out last night?"
"Sorry, I was too busy reading my book."
"Sweet, how far did you get into it?"
"I was reading it like braille, and almost finished it, but then I got tired of reading and had to go home"

Example 2:
"Daaayum look at that cover on that book"
"I read that that book was a total whore in some book review"
"I don't care man, I'm just looking for a quick read"

Example 3:
"I'm getting pretty tired of this book."
"What are you gonna do?"
"I'm probably gonna put it back on its shelf. I don't wanna rip it apart like I did to my last book."
"Cool. I'm hanging onto my book for a while man. She's like the Harry Potter series...it's gonna take me a while to finish."
by CC Sebathia October 07, 2009

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