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To be very, extremely angery
I'm so pissed cause she stole my cell phone!
by CC February 04, 2004
Smoking Weed and Drinkin Booze at the same time mixing the effects causing Crunk. They call it crunk because you dont know if your High or Drunk
That shit was Crazy we crunked it
by cc August 12, 2004
A rock opera is many songs in one that tell like a story. There are parts that sound diffrent than a long song that sounds the same.
Green Day- Jesus Of Surburbia
by CC March 08, 2005
a mystical creature that bites unexpectedly, and then sprays sun tan lotion in people's hair
you just bit my shoulder, stop it meriam i need to get a rabies shot now. And i reek of sun tan lotion meriam likes to spray it in people's hair!
by CC May 05, 2005
(1) to show superiority over another (2) to point out the shortcoming of another.
noun - postage
example in a conversation:

Jess: "I got an 1180 on my SATs, what did u get?"

Bob : "I got a 1340. Posted Bitch!!!!"
by cc March 21, 2005
An R&B singer who claims to be from chicago while he's really from Des Moines, Iowa.
Omen's fake.
by CC May 07, 2003
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